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sri matta of pushpagiri mahasamsthana, siddapura village halebeedu hobli, belur taluk.-1 5.26.1 ksrb 5-14: providing and constructing load bearing wall with solid concrete blocks having block density not less than 1800kg/m3 having a minimum average compressive strength of 4.00 n/mm2 confirming to is 2185 (part 1)2005 and constructed with cm 1 a, as per is 25722005 including cost of all materials labour charges, scaffolding, curing, hire charges of machineries etc., complete as per specifications. kbs no.5.4 with solid concrete blocks of size 400x200x200mm sqm 44.265 1013.42 44859.04 2 4.34 ksrb 4-6.7 :providing and removing centering, shuttering, strutting, propping etc., and removal of form work for sides and soffits of beams, beam haunchings, cantilever girders, bressumers and lintels not exceeding 1m in depth including cost of all materials, labour complete as per specifications. specification no. kbs 4.6.2 sqm 5.07 306.6 1554.46 3 4.46.2 ksrb 4.9.2 : providing t.m.t steel reinforcement for r.c.c work including straightening, cutting, bending, hooking, placing in position, lapping and / or welding wherever required, tying with binding wire and anchoring to the adjoining members wherever necessary complete as per design (laps, hooks and wastage shall not be measured and paid) cost of materials, labour, hom of machinery complete as per specifications. specification no. kbs 4.6.3 - tmt bars fe 500 tonne 0.0306 73431.75 2247.01 4 7.9 ksrb 7.9 : providing and fixing m.s.grill work for windows and ventilators weighing 21kg/sqm using m.s. flats, or m.s. square rods, or combination of m.s. flats and square rods as per approved design, drawing including cutting steel sections and welding the same to required pattern with a coat of red lead primer, cost of materials, fixtures, labour and hom of machinery complete as per specifications. specification no. kbs 7.12 kgs 37.8 99.75 3770.55 5 38.30 providing trapezoidal profiled sheet providing and installing of pre painted galvolume iron trapezoidal profiled sheet of approved make 1060 mm width (1000 mm cover width), 28-30 mm crest height with crest distance of 200 mm c/c with 2 ribs at the centre for stiffening. the total coated thickness (tct) of the sheet will be 0.47 mm +/- 0.02 mm tolerance zinc-alu alloy coating az150 gsm as per astm 1397/a755-550 mpa steel grade, 5-7 microns epoxy primer on both side of the sheet and polyester top coat 20-22 microns using self drilling/self tapping screws of 25 mm length, to be fixed over the existing purlins, rafters, channels and trusses. sqm 37.125 722.4 26819.1 6 7.29 fabricating, supplying and erecting m.s. tubulartruss of span upto 10m. the bottom and top member is provided with 50x50x6mm double equal angles, welded back to back and in between top and bottom line, in areas of mid section is provided with 50x50x6mm equal single angle for vertical and inclined members and at supporting ends 40x40x5mm single angle is provided. all the members are welded together with 6mm gusset plate as per drawing. the entire truss is anchored in rcc column by using 4 nos. of m.s. anchor bolts at each support, with 10mm thick base plate and shoe plate.the work includes cutting, straightening, placing in position of m.s angle and wleding wherever necessary, and applying one coat of red oxide primer coat to all themembers including cost of all materials, labour charges, and hire charges of machineries for cutting, welding, grinding and erection equipments, with all lead and lift, transportation, etc., complete as per specification. kgs 391.799 116.55 45664.17 7 15.14 ksrb15-3.6 : providing 15mm thick cement plaster in single coat with cement mortar 1:6, to brick masonry including rounding off corners wherever required smooth rendering, : providing and removing scaffolding, including cost of materials, labour, curing complete as per specifications. sqm 48.855 225.54 11018.76 8 14.44 providing and fixing vitrified glazed tiles of approved make, quality and colour of size 600 x 600 x 1omm thick fixed on existing flooring with special adhesive for flooring, skirting and jointed with neat cement slurry mixed with pigment to mach shade of tiles, including providing spacers at required interval and removing stains, cost of materials, mortar, labour etc., complete as per specification. sqm 31.29 1085.7 33971.55 9 15.17 ksrb15-3.9 :providing 18mm thick cement plaster in single coat with cement mortar 1:6, to brick masonry including rounding off corners wherever required smooth rendering, : providing and removing scaffolding, including cost of materials, labour, curing complete as per specifications. sqm 57.645 266.14 15341.64 10 8.28 providing and fixing 15 mm thick densified tegular edged eco friendly light weight calcium silicate false ceiling tiles of approved texture of size 595 x 595 mm in true horizontal level, suspended on inter locking metal grid of hot dipped galvanized steel sections (galvanizing @ 120 grams per sqm including both side) consisting of main t runner suitably spaced at joints to get required length and of size 24 x 38 mm made from 0.33 mm thick (minimum) sheet, spaced 1200 mm centre to centre, and cross t of size 24 x 28 mm made out of 0.33 mm (minimum) sheet, 1200 mm long spaced between main t at 600 mm centre to centre to form a grid of 1200 x 600 mm and secondary cross t of length 600 mm and size 24 x 28 mm made of 0.33 mm thick (minimum) sheet to be inter locked at middle of the 1200 x 600 mm panel to from grid of size 600 x 600 mm, resting on periphery walls i partitions on a perimeter wall angle pre-coated steel of size (24 x 24 x 3000 mm made of 040 mm thick (minimum) sheet with the help of rawl plugs at 450 mm centre to centre with 25 mm long dry wall screwes at 230 mm intervals and laying 15 mm thick densifed edges calcium silicate ceiling tiles of approved texture in the grid, including cutting i making opening for services like diffusers, grills, light fittings, fixtures, smoke detectors etc., wherever required. main t runners to be suspended from ceiling using g.l. slotted cleats of size 25 x 35 x 1.6 mm fixed to ceiling with 12.5 mm dia and 50 mm long dash fasteners, 4 mm g. i. adjustable rods with galvanised steel level clips of size 85 x 30 x 0.80mm spaced at 1200 mm centre to centre along main t, bottom exposed with 24 mm of all t sections shall be pre-painted with polyster baked paint for all heights, as per specifications, drawings and as directed by engineer-in-charge. sqm 445.9964 1579.2 704317.51 11 4.11 ksrb 4.2.2 : providing and laying in position reinforced cement concrete of design mix m20 with opc cement @ 320kgs, with 20mm and down size graded granite metal coarse aggregates @0.69cum and fine aggregtes @ 0.460 cum, with super plasticisers @ 3 liters confirming to is 9103-1999 reafirmed-2008, machine mixed, concrete laid in layers not exceeding 15 cms thick, vibrated for all works in foundation for footings, pedastals, retaining walls, return walls, walls (any thickness) including attached pilasters, columnspillars, posts, struts, buttresses, bed blocks, anchor blocks and plinths etc., including cost of all materials, labour, hom of machinery, curing, complete but excluding cost of reinforcement as per specifications. specification no. kbs 4.1, 4.6 cum 0.507 6374.55 3231.9

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    17 Sep 2021
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