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procurement of items required to manufacture winter head gear qty - 260 nos-1 h2-niv duck cotton kersey black 1500mm width fire retardant, flame spread class water resistant,rating 50 to 60, spry test is 390:1975 (proban) astmd:1230:94 note:cloth test report certificate to be produced for qa/qce inspection mtrs 208 2 h2-niv lining cotton black 36 width sweat absorbing mtrs 169 3 h2-niv cotton based natural woolen fabric fur, half white soft 8mm thk x 1500mm width mtrs 86 4 d1-niv leather basin brown/black, soft unstained 1.2mm thk is:580 kgs 13 5 d1-8330- 000027 leather cow curried black 0.6mm thk is 580 kgs 18 6 h2-5305- 000292 felt wool rot and moth proof grey 10mm thk medium hard is:1719 sq mtrs 15 7 lv6-mt6-niv sponge rubber yellow 25mm thk medium hard sq mtrs 13 8 lv6-mt6-niv sponge rubber black 20mm thk medium hard sq mtrs 10 9 lv6-mt6-niv sponge rubber black 10mmthk medium hard sq mtrs 10 10 ca-niv sewing thread black 200 mtrs coats sun art 3620 nos 260 11 ca-niv sewing thread black no a8961 tex 60 mtrs 7800 12 ca-niv sewing cotton tiger tex 27/9 tkt2 mtrs 1560 13 ca-3770- 000037 sewing cotton 2mm dia black mtrs 520 14 d1-niv buckle brass 13mm one prong with black colour coating nos 520 15 d1-3770- 000037 buckle brass 19mm one prong with c/plating nos 260 16 d1-niv buckle brass self locking with brass roller type 13mm width black colour coating nos 260 17 misc-niv press button set brass 10mm nos 260 18 ca-8305- 000014 button coat plastic black 15mm dia nos 1040 19 y1-5965- 003842 throat microphone laryngaphone tech specifications:- (a) impedience at 1 khz-40ohms+/- 30 (b) efficiency at 300 hzat 3cm/sec=1.5m v to 4.5m v (c) efficiency 3000hz at 0.2cm/sec=not less than 1.7m v (d) insulation resistance=shall withstand 100vrms for 1 min nos 520 20 y1-5965- 000421 ear phone electrodynamic tech specification: (a) impedience at 1 khz=300ohms+/-25 (b) freq response at 300 hz at 3400/hz=115+/-10db (c) hormonic distortion at 300 hz to 3400hz=shall not exceed 5 (d) insulation resistance=not less than 20 meg ohms nos 520 21 y3-niv shielded cable assy with 5 core (2 core individually shielded) with 5 pin connector plug as per sample nos 260 ser part no nomenclature of item a/u qty 22 misc-niv pvc moulded head phone ear muff set (bottom cap, top cover, rubber gasket, rubber bush, with steel screw csk head m3 x 10mm long-4 nos) to be procured through ex-trade as per drg/smp nos 520 23 misc-niv valcrow tape set black 25mm width mtrs 65 24 misc-niv lable (iinen cloth) 70mm x 40mm as per sample nos 260 25 y3-niv aluminium collar (clip) for rf cable 10mm dia x 10mm long nos 260 26 h1-niv adhesive dendrite pc 65 ltrs 13 27 lv6-mt6- niv potting compound ml 1500 28 misc-niv plastic cover, 80 microns nos 260 29 h1-niv silica gel pack of 10 gms nos 260

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