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outsourcing of services for manning and operation of 33 kv main receiving station at l area including ht/ lt panels, 33/11 kv power transformer including protection switch gears , vcbs for smooth and trouble free operation round the clock all as specified and directed. (man power : electrician - 01 no (skilled) and helper - 01 no (unskilled) per shift of eight hours. (total 03 shifts ) :-(i) power transformer 2.5 mva 33/11kv - 02 nos, distribution100 kva-01 no ( out door type) (ii) ht vcbs. (iii) 33 kv isolator switch alongwith 2/4 pole structure. (iv) 11 kv gang operated switch alongwith 2/4 pole structure . (v) overhead lines with god and do fuses. oursourcing of services for manning and operation of main electrical installation at tp complex continuously 24x7 by deploying 01 electrican(skilled) fully qualified and having licence to work on 11 kv and below voltgrade and 01 helper (unskilled) having sound knowledge to work on ht/lt equipments/installation/sub station and electrical safety norms per shift continuously in three shift of 08 hours each per day including sunday and holiday complete all as directed consisting of the following :- (a) transformer 11 kv/415 volts 1000 kva incl tapping through god at x- area gate -01 no (b) ht vcb (main incoming) - 1 nos (c ) lt panel , apfc panel dg sup synchronising panel and dg set panel etc. painting of 2.5 mva power transformer with spray painting gun using two coats synthetic enamel paint with approved color vcb 33/11 kv grade spring charging handle electrical insulating mat as per is 15652:2006, with anti skid design, 33 kv grade, 3mm thick, 1 mtr wide, type-c, complete all as specified and as directed. electrical sub station interactive single line diagram board with led indicators showing status of cbs/xmer/og feeder etc of size 6ft x 4ft top sheet made out of acrylic with arrangement to hang on wall complete all as specified and directed

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