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auction sale of property--2) plant and machinery situated at gat no. 1412/1, nevasa road, shevgaon, taluka shevgaon, district anmednagar- 414502 in the name of m/s. bhairavnath cotton industries inclined lint belt conveyor to convey lint from lint cleaners to press lint slopper, seed cotton inclined belt conveyor to conve seed cotton from thf to central trolley, lint cleaner 60having 3 roll, line seed conveyor to convey cotton seed from each dr gin i machine to cross conveyor, lint slopper from belt to press for conveying lint from inclined lint belt conveyor to press, central lint belt conveyor system to convey lint from each dr gin to one end of gin halll, lint chutes to convey lint from dr gin machine to lint belt conveyor, auto feeder suitable for 3umbo gin machine with grid boxes, 3adhav deluxe d.r.gin machine model 3umbo - 58(seed chanel types, central trolley feeding system for 24d.r. gin jumbo machine to feed seed cotton to individual or gin machine, tractors hopper feeder suitable to feed directly to s.c. inclined belt conveyor, power distribution system suitable for tractor hopper feeder comprising of electric panel , cables , earthing etc amcc pannel for tractor hopper feeder b)cable lung cable parkers , cable earth conductor etc, pneumatic lint conveying system from central lint belt conveyor to inclined lint belt conveyor thru lint cleaners,jadhav auto operation double box up packing revoving . doorless pusher andtramper; , cotton lint baling press zen ax model, central trolley feeding system for 24 gin jumbo machine to feed seed cotton to individual dr gin f4 machine, motor rails, motor pulley, plotor guarding for dn gin electric motor, buckel elevator belt type wilh cross conveyor, overhead seed conveyor electrical materials :qubical box, d.p. structural /laterials , d.p. structure fitting , rs3 pole . conductors , etc , fire system: rire hyarent valve, rrl fire hose pipe . fire hose box, fire extinguishers, pvc 36 kg pressure pipe . 5 hp motors and other equipments, electronics weighbridge (pitless) furniture and fixures, high pressure misting pump set, polymer pipe bundle , high pressure anti drip foggling nozzles , micron filters , hose nipple and hose pipe and other equipment, loader machine with grab bucket, nlodel s -3216 with deluxe cabin, l/t make 3 hp induction motors rpm 1440f 100l1, l/t make shp induction plotors rpm -960(1325, l/t make 3 hp induction motors rpi 1 960f 11 2m), l/t make shop induction motors motor rpm 1440 ginnina motor, crompton 3hp induction motors rom 1440 flange mounted, crompton 5 hp induction motor rpm- 1440, flange mounted ,cropmtion 2 hp induction plotors rpm -1440, flange mounted, cropmtion 3 hp induction, motors rpm -960, flange mounted ,cctv cameras (complete details are available at the site ) .

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